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12 Apr

A Timeline of Love and of a Break Up

A Timeline of Love and of a Break Up

This morning. I was browsing through Facebook and I thought of you. I wanted to know how you were doing so I decided to check your profile. I’m not stalking, just curious. But a notification reminded me that I can’t. Blocked… I went through another ordinary day.

4 days ago. I saw your picture. You seemed so happy. Yours was the face I knew so well – so familiar and so missed. I wished that smile…

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11 Apr

Travel Bucket List for 2015

Travel Bucket List for 2015

Next year, my travel goals are:

1. Go on that tri-city adventure trip. Bukidnon-Camiguin-Cagayan de Oro. I am so excited to go cable biking, ziplining, snorkeling and white water rafting (again)!

2. Explore Indochina during one of the -ber months. I cannot wait to see what Vietnam, Cambodia and Thailand have in store for me.

3. Travel solo. It will be an adventure. I’m still thinking about where…

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04 Apr

Throwback: Cebu 2011

This is my first blog entry. And although I’ve only just started to blog, I’ve been to many places and hope to to reach more whenever money and vacation leaves permit. I am dedicating my first entry to the first trip I ever made – the one that started it all…

My trip to Cebu was an experience of many firsts: first time to ride a plane, first trip to Visayas, first trip that was out of my…

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11 Nov
11 Nov
11 Nov

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10 Nov

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10 Nov
06 Nov

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03 Nov fl0wxr:

Ornamental Delight by Brian Xavier


Ornamental Delight by Brian Xavier